Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Caitlin's Bridal shower

When my wonderful neighbor and friend asked me to host her daughter's bridal shower at her home I was honored. We knew we wanted something classic and beautiful, but we also wanted a theme.

Sweet Caitlin's Bridal Shower

Pearls, white, feathers and love birds covered the house. We used simple twine and clothes pins to hang a garland of pictures I had previously taken of Caitlin's dress fitting- making sure none of the photos were her purchased wedding dress. Seeing Caitlin in so many different white dresses was very exciting for guests and put everyone into the wedding mood.

The magic of the event was in the details. Everything in the house felt as if it was meant to be part of the shower. Beautiful hand made signs hung throughout the house to guide guests easily to coat rooms, restrooms and where to leave their gifts.

White was the theme of the evening so all treats on the table were white. Marshmellows, rock candy, jelly bellys, gumballs and popcorn were put in glass urns as not only treats to put in the treat bags but also as decoration.

Pearls were bought online at a great price. We strung pearls over all fixtures in the house to transform the spanish style home to be a bridal heaven.

All areas of the house were given bridal touches. Hydrangeas are so amazing! They almost look like a little bouquet a bride would hold with just one stem of them. Its a great flower for beginners because of how full they are and how beautiful they go with feathers.

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