Monday, January 11, 2010

It all starts here. . .

I have been saying I will start a blog for almost 3 years now. With great encouragement from friends and family my first idea was to blog about fashion around the world. I wrapped myself around this great earth of ours a couple of times in the past few years and saw so many amazing street style fashions I wish I would have documented by blogging- but never made it to the world wide web. Since the days of touring with my fiance's band in a bus when the only thing that mattered in life was my outfit- don't get me wrong I still LOVE clothes- I have found I love being a homemaker and caring for my little family as we grow. NOW in 2010 here it is! All my traveling, event planning, shopping, community outreach, from home renovations on our Southern California beach house to our little condo in the caribbean, recipes, flower arrangements, fitness, fashion and beauty. Everything that inspires, creates or adds greatness to my life I will share here and I hope you will enjoy.

May 2010 bring everyone closer to the sun, in the company of someone you love- whether it be friend, lover or your loyal dog- and please visit me here and share your similar interests and passions for a beautiful life with loved ones by the sea.

Peace & Love