Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beauty Tips

The beauty industry has completely warped the way woman view themselves these days. All articles I see in magazines are how to look younger, tighter, firmer and "fresh" - by the way. . what does that even mean? FRESH?
So here is my take on beauty, and things that make a woman more attractive.

5 Things to Make You More Beautiful
Without needles or knives

1. Learn a new language
Expanding your knowledge of other culture's values and language can really give you a new way to look at things in your everyday world. As you learn a new language you can find what other cultures put emphasis on, and the way people in another country express themselves. Not only can you speak with someone you wouldn't have been able to before- but you open yourself to more people. And ladies not all hot men speak English.

2. Call your grandma
It doesn't have to be grandma, it could be your aunt, cousin or even father! Take the 15 mins it would take to change your nail polish to call someone who loves you. Family communication is always good for the soul.

3. Volunteer
Give your time to animals, beaches, the elderly community or an activist group you believe in. Spending time on someone or something other than yourself will make your inner light shine brighter than any new trendy moisturizer will your skin.

4. Shop in your own closet
Shopping for a new outfit to make yourself feel better is a common mistake most woman make, similar to confusing dehydration for hunger- eating when really you may just need a big glass of water. The need for more when we really just do not need it- the feeling is an emptiness that needs to be filled (take it as far or as shallow as you want). Instead of hitting the mall spend time in your own closet reorganizing, cleaning, altering and discovering new combinations of clothes by yourself, your clothes and your mirror. The results will be more of you on the outside that came from the inside. Being in a store influences what we buy and look like based on what we see other women buying or wearing.
Try to make something- it can be as small as a patch on a purse or get crafty and go for jewelry. Hang out with yourself and see what you think looks good- if you hate everything you own- stop and remember YOU bought it all. Re-evaluate. How do you want to be viewed? Does your outer beauty match your inner beauty? Its an experience that always feels good, and your life will have a little more organization to it if nothing else.

5. Clean
Simple and is something that gives the soul a sense of pride in personal space. Getting into a dirty car vs. a clean one. Walking into a messy apartment vs. coming home to clean floors and fresh flowers on the table. Getting rid of the clutter and scrum in your life will create individual pride for the soul that even having a maid can't give you. Doing ones own cleaning keeps the soul grounded to a home.

Try to tell someone you love them every day, and remember to exercise 3 random acts of kindness everyday- they can be small, letting someone into your lane in traffic, holding a door for someone, waving to your neighbor and asking how they are doing.

Spreading love- its the new botox!


  1. I completely agree! Lovely post Lachelle : )

  2. This post was great. I agree with so much that is in there! It's simple, costless and will do far more for you than Estee Lauder! But can't I do those 5 things AND have lancome's priomordial skin recharge?! ;)