Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is all the focus on your TV?

Flat screens are officially how TVs are made these days. Armoires just don't seem necessary when you can put your television on the wall like a piece of art- but do you want to send the message to your guests that your TV is your focal point?

So many rooms gather around the TV for many reasons; number one- you have to watch the television sometimes and to do so having furniture face it is nice. Number two- that large space about the fireplace just seems to be asking for a TV to be nailed to it. I am a sheep in this awful trend and vowed to find a solution to the eyesore that is my television. I came across these do it yourself frames with doors and the new version of an armoire for a wall.

Custom made units can be made from any cabinet, armoire or entertainment unit doors.

Covering the screen completely is even better! A beautiful wooden frame with craftsman doors is much better than the metal frame of plasma screens.

I wasn't able to find many wall mounted armoires without a custom made furniture maker, hopefully more companies will catch onto these very useful and beautiful furniture options.

Decorative panels on these wall mount tv armoires found on

The tv sunk into the wall with wood framing the inside and outside of the unit makes the tv feel like a built in piece of furniture thats interesting to look at even when the tv is off.

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