Sunday, January 24, 2010

Messy Masterpieces

There is something very calming about walking into homes that are clean without clutter. No random glasses on the tables, shoes on the floor or purses on the dinning room table. But there is also something a bit unsettling about this scenario- does anyone LIVE in these spaces?
I believe rooms with no sign of life are creepy and unwelcoming. A dog leash hanging by a front door, olive oil on the counter top are all things that say "we live here, we cook here, we love here, and this is our home."

Here are some spaces I love- no matter how messy they may appear, I find beauty in this clutter.

Recycled and reused.

Don't hide musical instruments in the closet or in cases (unless necessary). Hang guitars on walls, or in a corner, its not messy- its intimate.

If you have random objects like plates, antique keys, fedora hats or pictures you love but cant find a place to put them- put them all together on a wall. A variety of hooks on any wall looks artistic and shows personality.

Things you throw onto chairs on a daily basis like blankets, purses, shoes and jackets can still appear to belong if you put a little thought into where you place certain items. When you set your purse down or take off your shoes find a place they add a bit of "lived in"character to your space and not just clutter.

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