Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Invention of a Lifetime

The wheel was pretty awesome. The discovery of fire- cool I guess, but the space saver bags are the new thing I cannot live without. Traveling is getting harder and harder these days, limitations of weight and the number of bags you can check in or carry on have become so minimal, lipstick it a crime! I recently was trying to fit some pillows in my suitcase to bring with me to our new apartment in the caribbean - where inventory of anything, let alone bedding, can be pricey and very limiting. Pillows weight nothing, but there was no room for anything else once the 2 king size pillows were stuffed into my luggage. These space saver bags are not only the EASIEST thing you have ever used- they are mind-blowing! My girl friend and I packed 1 king duvet, duvet cover, a 4 piece king size sheet set, 2 king feather pillows, 2 xtra large king bed pillows, 2 lg square bedding pillows, 4 medium decorative pillows, 4 large beach towels and a soft beach bag- all in ONE bag, at 35 pounds.


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