Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good things

Martha Stewart featured a beautiful wedding this month in her magazine. Jeremy and Andrew were married June 13, 2009 in Connecticut in an eco-fabulous wedding. Center pieces were made from objects they found and grouped together to make vintage themes throughout the decades for their tables.

While I love the vintage look and beautiful backyard style wedding, I have to give a cheers to Martha for her equality for all "good things", as she calls them, by featuring this wedding. Who needs a bride in a white dress to have a perfect day, I think the boys in their powder blue suits looked dreamy. A toast to equality for love and the ability to recognize a gorgeous wedding when we see one.

Table settings had different decade themes. A polaroid camera and flip viewer rest on the center piece below, while the table next to it had a woodstock theme.

Vintage inspired place settings .

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