Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Invention of a Lifetime

The wheel was pretty awesome. The discovery of fire- cool I guess, but the space saver bags are the new thing I cannot live without. Traveling is getting harder and harder these days, limitations of weight and the number of bags you can check in or carry on have become so minimal, lipstick it a crime! I recently was trying to fit some pillows in my suitcase to bring with me to our new apartment in the caribbean - where inventory of anything, let alone bedding, can be pricey and very limiting. Pillows weight nothing, but there was no room for anything else once the 2 king size pillows were stuffed into my luggage. These space saver bags are not only the EASIEST thing you have ever used- they are mind-blowing! My girl friend and I packed 1 king duvet, duvet cover, a 4 piece king size sheet set, 2 king feather pillows, 2 xtra large king bed pillows, 2 lg square bedding pillows, 4 medium decorative pillows, 4 large beach towels and a soft beach bag- all in ONE bag, at 35 pounds.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good things

Martha Stewart featured a beautiful wedding this month in her magazine. Jeremy and Andrew were married June 13, 2009 in Connecticut in an eco-fabulous wedding. Center pieces were made from objects they found and grouped together to make vintage themes throughout the decades for their tables.

While I love the vintage look and beautiful backyard style wedding, I have to give a cheers to Martha for her equality for all "good things", as she calls them, by featuring this wedding. Who needs a bride in a white dress to have a perfect day, I think the boys in their powder blue suits looked dreamy. A toast to equality for love and the ability to recognize a gorgeous wedding when we see one.

Table settings had different decade themes. A polaroid camera and flip viewer rest on the center piece below, while the table next to it had a woodstock theme.

Vintage inspired place settings .

Sink Envy

I never thought this day would come but I'm in love. . with these farmhouse sinks! Its crazy the things you never looked at your entire life, become things when you own a home that can be the most fun to buy. There are so many great fixtures, faucets and hardware options these days (at every prices point) that picking a style becomes the hardest decision. These days I'm dreaming of replacing my brushed metal sink for a ceramic single farmhouse style.

She said YES!

Those white t-shirt and matching blue jeans photo sessions on the beach happen in front of our house EVERYDAY! So boring! Get creative . Say something about the two of you as a couple. Personal touches you may second guess and ask "Is this OK for engagement photos?" The answer is YES! Its a photo that expresses you and your other in a captured moment. While I think no love can be captured on a still shot- give it all you got!

Messy Masterpieces

There is something very calming about walking into homes that are clean without clutter. No random glasses on the tables, shoes on the floor or purses on the dinning room table. But there is also something a bit unsettling about this scenario- does anyone LIVE in these spaces?
I believe rooms with no sign of life are creepy and unwelcoming. A dog leash hanging by a front door, olive oil on the counter top are all things that say "we live here, we cook here, we love here, and this is our home."

Here are some spaces I love- no matter how messy they may appear, I find beauty in this clutter.

Recycled and reused.

Don't hide musical instruments in the closet or in cases (unless necessary). Hang guitars on walls, or in a corner, its not messy- its intimate.

If you have random objects like plates, antique keys, fedora hats or pictures you love but cant find a place to put them- put them all together on a wall. A variety of hooks on any wall looks artistic and shows personality.

Things you throw onto chairs on a daily basis like blankets, purses, shoes and jackets can still appear to belong if you put a little thought into where you place certain items. When you set your purse down or take off your shoes find a place they add a bit of "lived in"character to your space and not just clutter.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it Over?

I don't want to be fooled, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Be careful on the roads, I'm sure there is a ton of water still trying to make its way to the storm drains and the sea.

Get the rays of light any way you can. A shot of me in our Montreal home on a winter day that my soul needed sun and I found a moment and a spot to get some- and took full advantage of it.

When it Rains it Pours

The streets are rivers here in southern california and the rain is still pounding down. Get our your row boats, cars are useless today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beauty Tips

The beauty industry has completely warped the way woman view themselves these days. All articles I see in magazines are how to look younger, tighter, firmer and "fresh" - by the way. . what does that even mean? FRESH?
So here is my take on beauty, and things that make a woman more attractive.

5 Things to Make You More Beautiful
Without needles or knives

1. Learn a new language
Expanding your knowledge of other culture's values and language can really give you a new way to look at things in your everyday world. As you learn a new language you can find what other cultures put emphasis on, and the way people in another country express themselves. Not only can you speak with someone you wouldn't have been able to before- but you open yourself to more people. And ladies not all hot men speak English.

2. Call your grandma
It doesn't have to be grandma, it could be your aunt, cousin or even father! Take the 15 mins it would take to change your nail polish to call someone who loves you. Family communication is always good for the soul.

3. Volunteer
Give your time to animals, beaches, the elderly community or an activist group you believe in. Spending time on someone or something other than yourself will make your inner light shine brighter than any new trendy moisturizer will your skin.

4. Shop in your own closet
Shopping for a new outfit to make yourself feel better is a common mistake most woman make, similar to confusing dehydration for hunger- eating when really you may just need a big glass of water. The need for more when we really just do not need it- the feeling is an emptiness that needs to be filled (take it as far or as shallow as you want). Instead of hitting the mall spend time in your own closet reorganizing, cleaning, altering and discovering new combinations of clothes by yourself, your clothes and your mirror. The results will be more of you on the outside that came from the inside. Being in a store influences what we buy and look like based on what we see other women buying or wearing.
Try to make something- it can be as small as a patch on a purse or get crafty and go for jewelry. Hang out with yourself and see what you think looks good- if you hate everything you own- stop and remember YOU bought it all. Re-evaluate. How do you want to be viewed? Does your outer beauty match your inner beauty? Its an experience that always feels good, and your life will have a little more organization to it if nothing else.

5. Clean
Simple and is something that gives the soul a sense of pride in personal space. Getting into a dirty car vs. a clean one. Walking into a messy apartment vs. coming home to clean floors and fresh flowers on the table. Getting rid of the clutter and scrum in your life will create individual pride for the soul that even having a maid can't give you. Doing ones own cleaning keeps the soul grounded to a home.

Try to tell someone you love them every day, and remember to exercise 3 random acts of kindness everyday- they can be small, letting someone into your lane in traffic, holding a door for someone, waving to your neighbor and asking how they are doing.

Spreading love- its the new botox!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give a Hoot for Rubber Boots!

Look out southern California is flooding! I have a river running down my street and lakes rapidly expanding on all street corners. Get out your Wellies and drive safe.

And if its not raining. . a muddy concert or post gunfight in your kitchen with brad pitt is also the perfect time to pull your wellies back out.


Parties are fabulous, but shouldn't hurt the planet. If you buy plastic cups for a party why not buy reusable plastic; thicker and washable found at wal-mart or any CVS, and you will have them to use for your next party, making one less trip to the store. I want to reuse everything I for my parties again; for guests to take home as gifts, things I can use again with other events or even edible decor such as pineapples for an example for a tropical theme. The solution- throw a green party with a location to match. . true gypsets will LOVE this!

THE PARTY: Bachelorette Party

LOCATION: Joshua Tree (rental homes easily found on www.vrbo.com)


THEME: Where the Wild Things Are

The girls gathered for a weekend in Joshua Tree at a home with room for a camp to be set up, an outdoor dinner table and bonfire. The night was all girl play time. Fake sword fights, campfire stories, face-painting, guitars, a beautiful dinner roast, and NO BOYS ALLOWED.

Invitations to the girl's trip where sent via whiskey bottle. A customized label was made to cover a Maker's Mark bottle, which the girls brought with them to drink and dance around the fire with.

A thin rope with festive things like feathers, socks and vintage pictures of camping families.

A plain paint drop cloth acted as a table cloth, permanent marker was used to draw cave like shapes of feathers, arrows and indian markings.

Green decorations include brown paper bags made into pinwheel shaped decorations and sticks on cupcakes instead of store bought toppers

Hand stamped tags, twine and recycled paper links to make garland decorations with flowers gathered from around the camping area.

Glamour shots from a professional photographer are well worth the money. Each girls own interpretation of the theme was so beautiful; individual shots when the sun gave pretty natural light are great for sending in thank you cards to guests.

Hand sewn merit badges were given to girls whom won the games, which included 'Story Telling', 'Chubby Bunny', 'Campfire Story Telling', 'Face Painting' and 'Fire Starting'

Girls RULE!