Saturday, March 26, 2011

Because I'm from Ojai

I came across a House Beautiful Article from a few years back titled "I want to live in Ojai," and read the sweet words describing my home town with such delight I decided if House Beautiful magazine features Ojai- why cant I do the same on my blog?

A spiritual place, Ojai, meaning "valley of the moon," is located just over an hour north of Los Angeles you find this hidden gem. I grew up in this small artists' community. I often find people from Ojai to be a bit "different" than other people. People as seem to be enlightened, despite differing religious beliefs. Creative souls; dancers, painters, ceramics and gardeners. All whom find peace and a home within these pink valley walls. Schools promote vegetarianism and play games like Farmers Market with fresh grown veggies. People still demonstrate peaceful protests climbing into trees when they are threatened to be cut down. Ojai is a place where your suit and tie real estate agent can be found burning sage from an abalone shell and waving away negative energy with a hawk feather. And don't be surprised to have someone comment on your aura looking different and not noticing your new hair-cut. A place where the honor system still makes a profit on many road side fruit and vegetable stands. Ojai, where your bound to say goodbye, but if you do. . . you'll be back again.

Mr. & Mrs. Boccali serve local Italian food using fresh ingredients from their garden.

Ojaians cool down in the Matilija creek.

The famous Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Ojai Day Dancers.
Downtown Ojai.
Ojai homes owned by Malcom Mcdowell and Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon now is the owner of an iconic piece of real estate. Designer Kathy Ireland turned this spanish revival home into a dream for the young actress and her family.

Reese and boyfriend stroll through the Ojai arcade.

Jack John played a beautiful concert in the open air theater of Libby Bowl. Fans watched from the grassy lawn on picnic blankets and proceeds went to support organic and local food.

The TV show "Brothers and Sister" is about an Ojai family who owns a local business- although rarely shot on location.

Locals from Ojai have reason to believe the show is based off many business such as "The Farmer and the Cook" or a local market "Rainbow Bridge"

Ojai Day is a gathering for artists, dancers and all people of the valley to celebrate the Shangri-la valley.
Meditation Mountain brings many enlightened visitors to the valley to find their center, reconnect with a deeper spiritual connection, and the Valley houses a crystal said to have many healing powers

The famous Pink Moment. A reflections from the sunset on the local pacific that splashes beautiful colors on the local Topa Topa Mountains.

Libby Parks fountain brings children together on hot days for a little cool down. Also a gather point for bongo drummers, dancers and hula hoopers.

The Deer Lodge is a great stop at the bottom of the Matilija Canyon. A famous biker bar that serves cold drinks and game dishes.

An out door bookstore that never closes it's doors or locks away the books. Bart's Books has become one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ojai.

Come on in