Sunday, March 6, 2011

At Home Gym; the only exercises you need for the beach

Lay flat on your back with knees bent hips distance and put one foot in the air, drive the opposite leg down through the heel to push the hips. 15 of these on each side and your booty is well on its way for teeny bikinis this summer.

Great booty exercise! Lay flat on your back with feet on the ball.

Thrust hips as high as possible without arching your back, stay strong in the core and buns.

Curl the ball towards you using your hamstring muscles. Try 12-15 reps. Killer buns!

Ab roll-outs are a great core exercise.

After roll-outs, plank with feet on the ball and pull your knees to your right elbow, then back to plank. Then to the right elbow.

Advanced; Plank to pike with the hips.

An easier version, but also EXTREMELY worth the effort. Do this one with the plank, maybe alternate the 2 movements.
Try and ad a push up in to an exercises that you are in a plank. They will be challenging and effective when your feet are on the ball.

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