Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Parties are fabulous, but shouldn't hurt the planet. If you buy plastic cups for a party why not buy reusable plastic; thicker and washable found at wal-mart or any CVS, and you will have them to use for your next party, making one less trip to the store. I want to reuse everything I for my parties again; for guests to take home as gifts, things I can use again with other events or even edible decor such as pineapples for an example for a tropical theme. The solution- throw a green party with a location to match. . true gypsets will LOVE this!

THE PARTY: Bachelorette Party

LOCATION: Joshua Tree (rental homes easily found on


THEME: Where the Wild Things Are

The girls gathered for a weekend in Joshua Tree at a home with room for a camp to be set up, an outdoor dinner table and bonfire. The night was all girl play time. Fake sword fights, campfire stories, face-painting, guitars, a beautiful dinner roast, and NO BOYS ALLOWED.

Invitations to the girl's trip where sent via whiskey bottle. A customized label was made to cover a Maker's Mark bottle, which the girls brought with them to drink and dance around the fire with.

A thin rope with festive things like feathers, socks and vintage pictures of camping families.

A plain paint drop cloth acted as a table cloth, permanent marker was used to draw cave like shapes of feathers, arrows and indian markings.

Green decorations include brown paper bags made into pinwheel shaped decorations and sticks on cupcakes instead of store bought toppers

Hand stamped tags, twine and recycled paper links to make garland decorations with flowers gathered from around the camping area.

Glamour shots from a professional photographer are well worth the money. Each girls own interpretation of the theme was so beautiful; individual shots when the sun gave pretty natural light are great for sending in thank you cards to guests.

Hand sewn merit badges were given to girls whom won the games, which included 'Story Telling', 'Chubby Bunny', 'Campfire Story Telling', 'Face Painting' and 'Fire Starting'

Girls RULE!

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