Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Place called Home

"Everything needs a home."

My best friend is always saying this about everything; from people to TV remote controls-everything needs a home. What is a home? I used to think of home as the house my parents owned, the house where I was a child. When I went to college I remember everyone talking about "going home for the holidays." I believe anywhere you occupy space should be a place you are happy and proud to be. Whether you rent a small studio, own a home with a yard, or have the american home with a white picket fence- this is your home. I believe things should make sense in the home of whom or what lives there, a harmony between the being and the space, a little personal community.

Home is best described for me as a place where the door is always open, where there is always room for one more at the table, and we can always think of a great reason to open another bottle of great wine.

October 2: Your Home

My mother says "Grow from where your planted," which is nice to think about when evaluating the following things.

Take time to go through the following things in your home;

1. Dishes
If you only have one set of dishes, the holidays are a perfect time to add something new to your table. Most of us have a plain set of 6-12 salad plates, dinner plates and bowls. Most tend to have white, the easiest to add anything to for any occasion.

I use a light yellow pottery barn dinner plate, paired with a blue and white hand painted salad plate for my summer tables. Its very bright and extremely colorful, and plays well off our spanish style home. Most of my events are decorated around the place mats, napkins and dishes that I already own, which makes things looks much more organized and less costly.

Decide if your table needs darker colors for fall. Marshal's or Ross are a great place to find just a few salad plates to add to the dishes you already have. Linen napkins and napkin rings are also a great way to spruce up a table.

2. Candles
Put away any summer scents and bring out or buy warmer aromas. Pumpkin spice, gingerbread, sugar cookie or cinnamon are all great scents to burn as the months get colder. Burning candles with a food-like smell makes your house feel more like home- and every time you open the door is smells like something is ready to come out of the oven.

3. Random home accessories
If you have an vases with seashells change them to pine cones, mini pumpkins or fall leaves. Your candle holders and accessories around your everyday life can change to welcome the season. Go through your things stored away. Bring out a gold candle holder and box away the white ones. Set out wooden bowls or plates on your entry table, and put away the glass ones.

4. Bedding
Change your bed to match the season. If you live somewhere the weather doesn't require winter linens, choose new colors to go along with the autumn spirit. Browns, burgundy, red or orange are amazing for the time of year.
**GREAT TIP: Any of these will make for a quick and easy bed makeover;
a coverlet, accent pillows, a new set of pillow shams, a seasonal throw blanket or a basket on the bed with accessories for the season- maybe the book your reading, a bowl of scented potpourri, in guest bedrooms water of some kind is nice for overnight guests.

5. Theme
The best part! Now that you have taken inventory of you fall decor, decide how you will decorate your home for the upcoming holiday. These ideas above are for everyone to get inspired by. I encourage all to get into the spirit, entertain and enjoy the holidays in the space you are in. No matter how large or small your home is, its your home.

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