Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday

This weekend get together with some friends, open some wine, spread your crafting supplies out on the dinning room table and get crafty! Make a simple one pot dish like a chili, stew or soup for easy serving and clean up and focus your crafting.

Its too early for pumpkin carving, but its the perfect time to make decorations for your home's October spooky feel, homemade Halloween cards to send to friends, or craft name cards or place setting for upcoming Halloween events.
Focus your crafts on home decor and Halloween entertaining, so your guests can take their crafts home and use them as decorations for the rest of october and for Halloween night. If you have guests that will be hosting upcoming Halloween events encourage them to do their cutting and pasting at your craft night. No need to decorate or put too much into the planning of this night. Use the evening to have a simple harvest themed meal, good wine and get some paper crafts, cut and glued. Here are some ideas.

Lumineres are an easy craft with endless possibilites for designing. And they look amazing when they are lit for the big night. Trick-or-treaters will have so much fun walking up a spooky Halloween lit trail to get their treats on All Hallow's Eve.

Labels for host gifts for upcoming parties are good to make and handy when you need a quick gift to bring to a friend.

Make labels for mason jars, bottles or other vases to fill with herbs, veggies or noodles. Think of creative ways to see food in a spooky way. Use large dried mushrooms as "troll ears," a funnel bulb with food coloring in water for a "monster's heart."

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