Monday, August 9, 2010

Eat Local

A trip to Atwater market became my inspiration for a healthy, locally grown organic meal for my family. Enjoy.

My table, inspired by my trip to the market.

Lots of fresh herbs in metal buckets around the kitchen transformed our modern kitchen into more of a "market place" setting for the evening. I used brown butcher paper under cheeses and meats, and also around the baguettes to add in more farmers market into the vibe. Even placing random produce in a bowl on the counter became part of the event. Seeing all the yummy organic ingredients, and smelling the dinner cooking was all part of the experience.

For only $4.99 I bought a bucket of this small basil- it smells delicious! I pulled the earth apart separating the small herbs, and placed them in extra small ikea buckets as centerpieces.

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  1. Hey Lachelle, just wanted to say i love your blog, your pics are lovely the ideas superbe and you have great taste....
    wish you the best of luck with all of it!