Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cottage

Here in Montreal, as in New York or Boston- or any other large city for that matter, everyone has a "cottage" away from the city. A place of retreat away from the busy city life where they re connect with important things, like the beautiful trees, lakes or wild life in the area. When I think of a "cottage" I think of a small one bedroom log cabin with an outhouse as a restroom and maybe a few random break-ins from the local bears. Seems this is not the case. Cottages seem to be more like Country Homes that act as an escape to heaven for city people. I love the idea. I love the connection everyone has to nature and the need to be around something organic. Here is a look at some beautiful Country Homes.

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  1. Here in Spain the normal is only have a house in a city or in a village,sometimes people have apartaments on the beach to "disconnect" but the beachs are a mass of people