Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Idea for Bridesmaids

Attention all brides! This wonderful idea from the marvelously talented Martha Stewart and her genius staff . These letters are great way to present fabric swatches, shoe ideas, jewelry or hair accessories to your bridesmaids. Have fun with it! Just write a simple letter on your favorite paper of the moment, or type it out on your home computer. No need to have these printed- the idea seems to be sweeter when its very "made by the bride".

Tell your bridesmaids how fabulous they are, give them any new contact info you may have as you get closer to the big day- here are some things I think might be helpful to your girls;

- Hotel reservations,
- Which girls are rooming up together,
- Let your bridesmaids know who is renting a car,
- What time one another is arriving at the airport.
- Contact info for people they might need to get a hold of.

Use whatever info fits your wedding and your preference. Here are some creative things to also add:

- Safety pin a fabric swatch to the paper- its looks adorable! Very "from the fashion drawing board"
- Cut out some pictures of shoes you would like the girls to buy, or similar to what you have in mind and let them choose. Allowing your bridesmaids to pick their own shoes with a common theme and color is a great option, not all of our feet fit into the same kind of shoes.
- Any hair accessories or jewelry you like- include a picture- just glue stick it to the paper. The craftsmanship of the paper should look very intimate, like you put it together with your hands for your girls.

I love this idea!

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