Friday, February 19, 2010

High School reunion

The days of 'My so Called Life' and the original 'Beverly Hills 90210' have returned.

Embellished and exaggerated shoulders. Torn up jeans with an unflattering fit. Crop tops, lace, plaid and boys clothes on girls. Welcome back to the 1990's.

Even though I grew up in the 1980s, I was a little too young to keep up with fashion. 80's themed parties and 80's inspired trends have always been extremely fun to me. My older cousins or friends have cringed at the sight neon or acid wash jeans resurfacing in current fashion over the years and I never understand how anyone could hate 80's? The fashion is so bright and fun!

But now that shoulder pads, men's blazers and tapered bottom jeans are showing up on the pages of Vogue and Elle, I understand that sick feeling they were feeling in their stomach. Walking through high school memories in my mind, I'm wearing the same clothes fashionistas are telling us to channel today and I have to admit I wasn't so excited about jumping back into high school days as one may think.

High school for most was embarrassing, awkward and downright horrible! Not only was my sense of fashion less than terrible but I hadn't learned (like the rest of my peers) which my my attributes were to be highlighted and which to downplay. I spent most of my days at 5 feet 8 inches slouching over to hide my height and wearing jackets that were much to large to hide my slender frame. I'm sure girls whom went through puberty "on time" were experiencing their fair share of problems also. Like all generations before we turned to fashion to try and blend together as a group despite our different changing bodies. And this is what the 1990's gave my generation.


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